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Agile2008 Sessions

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Below is a list of pages to Agile2008 Sessions.


Are You Sure, Really: A Contextual Approach to Agile User Research (Marjorie Pries) - .pdf handout attached

Business Value (Joe Little): What is it and what do we do about it

Money For Nothing And Your Changes For Free (Jeff Sutherland)

Working with Global and Distributed Agile Teams

Beyond the Comfort Zone of Scrum.pdf - Vladimir Blagojevic

Test-Driven Ajax

Distributed Retrospectives (Jutta Eckstein)

Pomodoro Technique (Staffan Noteberg)

Tangible Bug Tracking Using LEGO Bricks(Takeshi Kakeda)  On Slideshare, can download as PDF

The PairCoaching.net Leadership Game (Jeu De Direction) Download the game as pdf and play the game yourself. (The Lego that is required is listed on the PDF)

Henrik Kniberg's sessions (all slides are on my blog)

  • 10 ways to Screw up with Scrum and XP
  • Technical Debt - how to not ignore it
  • Bootstrapping Scrum and XP in a crisis

Test-Driven Requirements: Beyond Tools (Gilles Mantel)

Migrating from SharePoint to a better Scrum Tool - Edward Uy & Rene Rosendahl from Kelley Blue Book

Remote Mentoring a Distributed Agile Team(Vinod Panicker) Slides for download.

Styles of TDD (Wake/Jain) - summary of workshop

KFC Development - Finger Lickin' Good - Karl Scotland & Aaron Sanders

Growing and Sustaining an Offshore Scrum Engagement - Edward Uy & Nikos Ioannou  from Kelley Blue Book

Pushing the Boundaries of Testing and Continuous Integration - Fabrizio Cannizzo, Raghav Ramesh and Robbie Clutton

Evolution of tools and practices of a distributed agile team - Fabrizio Cannizzo, Paul Moser, Gabriela Marcionetti

Adopting Agile Testing Practices When Legacy Tools And Practices Rule! - Xavier Warzee

PMI and Agile - Oil and Water or Can they Co-Exist? - Kelly Snavely and Tania Broome 

From Concept To Product Backlog.pdf - Gerard Meszaros

A better culture change approach for busy practitioners - Mike Russell 

Architecture in an Agile Organization (PDF) - Chris Sterling

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