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This site is for the use of attendees of Agile2008.


Use it any way you want. It can be used in many ways, and it is easy to learn. If you make a mistake, the old page can be restored.

This is not an official site. Anyone can edit. If anything improper or incorrect were to be added (almost never happens on a wiki) we rely on you to fix it.


The Invite Key

is...agile.....you will need this to edit.


Step 1: Use PBwiki to collaborate

  • Click "New Page" to create a universe of pages using pre-made templates
  • PBwiki FAQ
  • Get PBwiki tips & tricks at our blog


Add yourself on the Attendees page


Agile2008 Sessions


LiveAid page


See the Muzik Masti page.


There is a lot of community info at the ScrumCommunity wiki. Many people on that wiki will be at Agile2008.

I created an Agile 2008 Linkedin group; feel free to join: http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/130742/260FE22CBA57



Nick Boucart and Vladimir Blagojevic created a Friendfeed experiment


"The idea is to create a live feed of the conference where we can share

our thoughts, comments, questions, organize get togethers, whatever."



Peter Roessler and Anshu Agarwal created the UX Grafitti Wall!

We have 9 issues we are presenting that were generated during a professional AGILE/User Experience workshop.  We want feedback and ideas on these topics from everyone in the community including engineers, QA, developers, Product Owners, Scrummasters, User Experience, jacks-of-all-trades, etc.


We've been moving it all around the conference to maximize feedback and we'd like your participation! We are currently downstairs in the exhibit area next to the escalators.



Please stop by and participate! We are raffling off an iPod Touch for your thoughts.


Pictures from Agile 2008 on Flickr:






Click on the Recent Activity tab to the right


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