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PMI and Agile

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PMI and Agile - Oil and Water or Can they Co-Exist?

by Kelly Snavely and Tania Broome

PMBOK is a 400 page book describing 44 management processes within 12 knowledge areas published by PMI as the standard for Project Management. Scrum can be depicted on one page. The Agile Manifesto including principles is documented in less than 3 pages. Seems like oil and water – or is it? In this workshop we will explore the basic principles of PMI/PMBOK and de-mystify the burdensome hype. Through a brief tutorial and small team activities, we will determine if Agile/Scrum principles can be cleanly aligned to the basic principles of PMI/PMBOK. We will identify what works, what doesn’t and what should change.

Here are the results:

Workshop Presentation: PMI and Agile Presentation.pdf

Workshop Handouts:     Handouts - PMI_Knowledge_Areas.pdf

Workshop Findings:       WK-1879.PDF 

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